Rakesh Jagtap

Dear All,

              A couple of years ago I started Mind Activation Pune franchisee that help me accelerate my professional life.

              I am bit overwhelmed as I am writing about my experience with Mind Activation.

              Mind Activation is shaping future of coming generations to do so the reason being kids are imparted training on subject like Mid Brain Activation, DMIT & Super memory these out of box subjects brings transformations at the core level & cognitive abilities many a times the positive outcomes of their training are spectacular & parents become spellbound when they observe the changes in their children.

             While working as consult for Mind Activation, my entire working experience is equally emotionally fulfilling too. At the same time this carrier has given entire fresh identity to be proud of I express many thanks to Mind Activation & Mr. Hitesh Sardhara, I am sure I will continue to their kind support in near future.

Thanks & Regards,
Rakesh Jagtap

Ahwa Memory & Vedic Maths Workshop