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Adult Brain

Why Brain Activation? Why for Adults?

We associate Brain activation with engaging the subconscious mind in a full state of awareness and in conscious control. We call the synergy between both states, the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as the holistic state of mind. Establishments of holistic state of mind in awareness and in conscious control allow unlimited capacity and capability far beyond the standards. This condition allows human beings to make amazing improvements in their personal and professional performances.

Adults are much more of conscious mind dependent compared to children. This condition causes access and assess into the realms of the subconscious more difficult for the adults. We are convinced it is a must for the adults.

Age Limit 18 to 100 Years.

Work shop is a 2 month Training Programs, Designed 2 full days Activities followed by 2 sessions 4+4 hours a month.
Module will covers as below topics:
 Release From stress
 Health issue
 Strong Relationship
 Good Relaxation in night
 Blind Folded
 Peace and love created mind
 Memory Concentration Focus mind intuvation
 Remote Viewing and Other benefits in the human Iife.
       No Motivation
       No Medicine
Only Meditation For Solutions.
This unique systems launched 1 st time in India.